Always log into your account directly by typing the following URL in your web browser By typing directly into your browser instead of following links, you greatly reduce your chance of being duped by a spoof site.

Check for ‘HTTPS and the lock: Genuine secure sites have addresses that start with ‘HTTPS and display a green padlock icon in the address section of your internet browser. Double-clicking the lock icon brings up information that can help you confirms that the site is genuine.  If the lock is not within its valid dates or has been issued to a website that you do not recognize, DO NOT enter your security details.

Logging in: When logging into your Paga account or paying on a merchant site, please ensure that the Paga Username, Security phrase and Security image shown, are yours before entering your Password. If the security image and phrase do not match the image and phrase you have registered with, please do not key in your password and DO NOT login.